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The Joe Page Bridge carries IL Route 100 and IL Route 16 over the Illinois River in Hardin, Illinois and is the southernmost crossing over the river. The next crossing is 10 miles to the north in Kampsville, but provides ferry service only depending on river conditions. The next closest bridges cross at Florence to the north and Alton to the south, both a distance of nearly 40 miles. This bridge serves Calhoun, Greene, and Jersey counties and in addition to Hardin, it serves the communities of Gilead, Batchtown, Meppen, Beechville, Nutwood, Fieldon, Rosedale, and Jerseyville.


The truss bridge includes a 311 foot long vertical lift and was originally built in 1931. The total structure length is 2,150 feet with a roadway width of 22 feet. While this structure has had periodic maintenance, the last major rehabilitation took place in 2004. This work included structural, electrical, and mechanical rehabilitation at a cost of $16 million.


In 2022 the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), began a study of the Joe Page Bridge. The study will look at options for the rehabilitation or removal and replacement of the existing bridge. The study will include environmental considerations, community impacts, and preliminary engineering. There will be multiple opportunities for public participation throughout this process. Visit the website often to learn about project updates and to sign up for project notifications.

Joe Page Bridge Life Timeline

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